My name is Isuf Fishti and I am a software developer. 

Currently I finished my second year of science master in software engineering . During my bachelor studies I have been part of different workshops with computer science  in focus  which helped me developed my skills on networking and programming . I have been educated in different principles of network, programming java language, C++, .NET. Based on these achieved knowledge I start working for 2 years as an IT in a company, ESG (Exact Solution Group) focused in software development .

My work experience at ESG helped me in many different ways. Besides programming also I have learned a lot about networking and this is thanks to my daily practice and work. As my work is based on directly communication with costumers beside the achieved professional skills I have earned ability to work and live with other people who have different culture and comes from different places.

In 2017 i started working as software developer on .net (c#) for IkubINFO on of the leader company in software engineering in Albania .I worked in projects and teams which made my skills on teamwork more efficiency.

In 2018 i decided to join a new company here in Albania with sources in Italia currently i work for Sefin Spa.

Current position: .Net developer

Institution: AT Consulting ltd


Visit my personal blog: fishtii.wordpress.com/  or bit.ly/ifishti



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