cropped-539792_558550717496415_723673072_n.jpg eshte nje blog i krijuar disa muaj me pare dhe sot mund te themi se kemi :

  1. Mbi 1300 ndjekes te blogut nga e-maili
  2. Mbi 3100 shikime te faqes
  3. Mbi 100 komente
  4. Mbi 1150 vizitore
  5. Mbi 100 postime
  6. Mbi 750 fansa ne FACEBOOK

Jemi ne hapat e pare por ecuria qe ka ky blog na ben qe te japim maksimumin tone qe te jemi ne ndihme per ju !

Faleminderit qe jeni pjese e jona!

IT is a blog created several months ago and today we can say that we have:

  1. Over 1,300 followers to blog by e-mail
  2. Over 3100 views of the site
  3. Over 100 comments
  4. Over 1150 visitors
  5. Over 100 posts
  6. Over 750 fans on FACEBOOK

We are the first steps but progress that has this blog makes us give our utmost assistance as they are for you!

Thank you that are part of us!


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